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Is Hayden Penettiere a freak?

Saturday, January 9, 2010 , Posted by Daisy at 7:20 PM

Hayden Panettiere

Everyone has a freaky side to them but I would have never thought that that sweet innocent looking cheerleader, girl next door from Heroes would be this freaky.

First, she's now 20, and in the last 3 few years she hasn't dated anyone less than a decade older than her.  I came across a post on PerezHilton last week of her having good times with some older guys. Looking at the pictures closely, I noticed a bruise on her right leg.  Not just a small one, but a huge one. (picture)

Do you remember when's the last time you saw such a big bruise on a girl?  Well I do.

And not just one, but two.  One on each butt cheek.  Serious.  It was back in May of last year during the week of the Cannes film festival.  I saw a picture of two ladies on a boat.  The older one had a circular bruise on her left cheek AND her right cheek.  The same size!  You just know there's something wrong with this picture.  The bruises weren't at the tip of the butt like you'd expect.  They were on the sides of her butt.

With her is none other than our sweet innocent cheerleader having her suntan lotion applied on by this older woman.  Coincidence you think?   (picture)

Around the same time those pictures were taken, I read a blind item on CDAN.  It reads:

I hope you read the post from yesterday because today involves the very same actress. Our actress is involved with a much older man who likes to have a variety from which to choose each night. At the present time he has two women he pays for and our actress. The two women are both considerably older than our actress and are much more experienced. One of the two women who is bought enjoys pain but our actress does not get involved in anything but watching it be administered. In addition to taking care of her benefactor, our actress is also expected to spend some, umm alone time with the other bought woman. It is amazing what a drug habit will do to once very strong morals. I smell rehab very, very soon.
You're probably curious about "the post from yesterday". Ok, here you go:
This B list television actress on a very hit network drama is in Cannes. Hey, at least I narrowed it down for you. I mean how many could there be? Well, it seems our actress got VERY lucky. How lucky? Well our actress was apparently spotted receiving a large quantity of white powder from a male acquaintance. The person who spotted this reported it to the police, who decided to raid our actresses’ hotel room. All this for coke? Anyway, after a 30 minute search with a drug sniffing dog, nothing was found. Yeah, well they should have come the night before. Unfortunately our actress is like a Hoover vacuum cleaner and had finished what she had been provided. When she finally gets busted her world is going to come crashing down.
 I know I can't confirm that it's her.  But when all the arrows are pointing in one direction, they all meet at the center. It sorta makes sense. Hayden does come from a broken family. Like the Lindsay Lohan type of family.

So not only is she a coke junkie and love the old men but it appears that since May our sweet innocent young actress has taken on a new sport.

Still not convinced? Well then here are a couple more blind items.  This time from another source, Ted Casablanca of

One Vagina'd Deceiver Blind Vice

One Total Femme-Faker Blind Vice

Ok, maybe she's not a freak per se but she sure is freaky deaky! Completely the opposite of what I had expected.  I guess that's what a cocaine addiction does to a girl.

Chck out the rest of the site.  It's brand SPANKING new! Just the way she likes it.

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